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Gift Box Varieties & Ordering Info.

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Varieties Available

Honeycrisp Gift Box - 24 Extra Fancy Apples

Large size fruit with distinctive, crisp texture. Sweet taste. Flesh is cream coloured. Excellent eating apple.
$64.95 each* + tax

Ambrosia Gift Box - 24 Extra Fancy Apples

This is a new variety. The fruit is sweet, juicy and aromatic with a pleasing flavour.
$54.95 each* + tax

McIntosh Gift Box - 24 Extra Fancy Apples

A true Ontario apple. It originated in 1800 as a chance seedling by John McIntosh of Dundela, Ontario. A medium-size, irregular-round, apple with red splash. Juicy, white flesh. Mildly tart but sweetens as it ripens. Excellent for eating fresh, baking pies, and sauces.
$49.95 each* + tax

Royal Gala Gift Box - 24 Extra Fancy Apples

Cross between a Kidd's Orange and Golden Delicious. Rich full flavour. Yellow to red colour. Ideal for fresh eating and salads.
$49.95 each* + tax

Golden Delicious Gift Box - 24 Extra Fancy Apples

This apple is truly an all purpose apple. The flesh stays white longer than other varieties. An excellent apple for eating.
$49.95 each* + tax

* Additional shipping costs apply

Ordering Information


The following information applies to each variety listed above:

  • Box includes our signature "all plastic" apple slicer.
  • The box can be shipped across Canada (except B.C.) in specifically designed mailer.
  • Quantity discount available.

Other apple varieties available based on the current season. In addition, we will make available more carefully-handpicked, local food gift options to add to any gift pack. Please contact our office for an updated list.