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At Martin's Family Fruit Farm, we understand the importance of fresh, unblemished fruit. That’s why we have invested in a highly efficient packaging facility that uses the latest technology -- including computerized grading and sizing. And our 340,000-bushel, controlled atmosphere (CA) storage building is one of the largest and most advanced of its kind in Canada. It’s one more way we can assure unmatched flavour and freshness outside of the growing season. Because we only remove apples from our CA facility when we need them, we are able to consistently deliver the freshest tasting fruit.

But the key to packaging our world-renowned fruit is careful and gentle handling. High-speed equipment delicately custom-packs our Ontario apples into trays and bags. Custom box, cases, cartons and pack sizes are available for local and international markets. We make it our business to make the business of packaging, logistics and documentation easier for you. Shipping Info


Our remarkably delicious Martin's Apples are packed under the following brand names:


Gala 6lb bag

Mesh and Poly bags available in many different weight sizes.


Display Case

Display Case

Display cases are ready to be put out on the floor with different weight sizes available.

7 x 6lb

10 x 4lb

For other inquiries please contact our sales department


Poly Bag Case

4lb bags

Available in packs of:

12 x 3lb

10 x 4lb



Bulk Tray Cases


Tray pack cases are available in many varieties and count sizes.