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The Art of Growing a Martin's Apple


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Among the Best in the World

There’s more to the legendary beauty and flavor of Martin’s apples than you might imagine. To begin with, Martin’s orchards are situated in absolute prime locations for apple growing – with warm sunny days and cool nights during the growing season.

But there’s far more to cultivating world-renowned apples than prime real estate. Our team of expert horticulturists and professional apple farmers are invested in careful analysis, cultivation, handling and quality control – in order to assure you the finest fruit that money can buy.

Soil and Leaf Analysis

Our team of expert horticulturists collects soil and samples in order to perfect the blend of fertilizer for every type of apple tree on our orchard.


By carefully removing smaller immature fruitlets early on in the growing process, the remaining apples are assured optimal nourishment in order to produce the finest fruit.


Selectively pruning our trees allows for healthy sun exposure and that adds up to better fruit color and size.

Selective Picking

We only pick the largest and most colourful tree-ripened apples, allowing smaller fruit to mature for later pickings. That’s how we are able to assure larger yields of a better quality of apples.

Washing and Packaging

Every Martin’s apple is carefully inspected before it is washed and packaged. Apples that are not directly shipped after harvest are sent to either a regular cold storage or our controlled atmosphere long-term storage. Our Storage.